How to delete approved leave?

How to delete approved leave?

Admin wants to delete the approved leave and credit back the leaves to the employee’s entitlement

Possible cause (s):

Suggested workaround/ solution(s):
To delete approved leave the two steps must be done.
1. Delete Leave Transactions
2. Delete Leave Entry

Delete Leave Transactions
a) Go to Leave > Employee Leave > Transactions. Under “Action Task”, choose “Delete Transactions”. Fill in the search criteria field accordingly. Click Submit.
b) Select the affected transaction and click the “Delete Selected” button.

Delete Leave Entry
Go to Leave > Employee Leave > Leave Data > Choose the employee > Leave Entry tab.
At the Search section, choose the Leave Type or the date filter for easier search. Click “Search”.
Choose the affected leave date and delete.

Note: The Delete Transaction only deletes the transaction and does not return back the consumed entitlement to the employee. Admin needs to also delete the leave at the Leave Entry in order to credit back the deducted day to the employee’s entitlement.