[SG] How to have FWL and CPF values in the same month?

[SG] How to have FWL and CPF values in the same month?


To contribute both FWL and CPF in current month payroll for an employee who has obtained his/her PR status in the middle of the month. However, system does not allow both FWL and CPF to appear at the same time.

Possible cause(s)

This is a known issue. Please follow the steps listed as per below

Suggested workaround / solution(s):

  1. Login into the system.
  2. Go to Personnel > Employee Record > Personal (Statutory) and enter the following information.
    – Is this employee a citizen? : No
    – PR Start Date : < Enter the Employee PR Date>
  3. Go to Payroll >Employee Pay > Payee Data (Statutory) tab and set the following information. – CPF Contribution : CPF
  4. Run the Payroll for this employee.
  5. Go to Payroll >Employee Pay > Payee Payslip
  6. Select the current month payslip.
  7. Click on Edit Pay button
  8. Enter the FWL value under the FWL textbox.
  9. Check “Checked to overwrite” checkbox and click on Save button to save the changes.